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PPSC Announced 86 Assistant Food Safety Jobs 2023 in the Punjab Food Authority, Food Department.

Lahore: The Punjab Public Service Commission PPSC has announced 86 vacant jobs/ posts of Assistant Food Safety BS-16 for the Punjab Food Authority, Food Department. These jobs/posts are on a contract basis for the period of 03-years.

The distribution of posts according to different quotas is as follows;

Post  Grade  Total Posts  Open Merit Quota Women Quota  Special Person Quota Minority Quota 
Assistant Food Safety  BS-16 86 64 14 04 04


Advertisement Number: 28/2023, Case Number: 28-RJ/2023  For Junior Clerk BS-11


Masters / B.Sc. (Hons) / BS in Food Science & Technology / Food Technology / Agriculture Food Science & Technology / Food Safety & Quality Management or equivalent from a recognized university. 


Rs 600/=

Age Limit:

Male: 25 to 35+5 = 40 years
Female: 25 to 35+8 = 43 years 

As per Govt. of Punjab, S&GAD Notification No.SOR-I (S&GAD) 9-36/81 d a t e d 2 1-05-2012 and Notification No. SOR-I (S&GAD)9-2/2022 dated 26-01-2022.
The age and sex of the transgender will be based on the contents of their CNIC.


Male & Female and Transgender.


All Punjab Basis. 

Place Of Posting:

Lahore (HQ).

Also, Visit: Junior Clerk Jobs 2023


One paper MCQ type is a written test of 100 marks & 90 minutes duration. The syllabus is as under:-
i) Qualification-related questions (80%)
ii) Questions related to (20%)
General Ability, Pakistan Studies, Current Affairs, Geography, Basic Mathematics, English, Urdu, Everyday Science and Basic Computer Studies.

Candidates Are Required To Apply ONLINE Only, Applications Other Than ONLINE, Will Not Be Accepted.

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From August 01, 2022, PPSC has introduced the feature of the Online Fee Collection. Applicants are advised to deposit fees online by using the following mediums:
Mobile Phone Banking
Internet Banking
Over the counter (by visiting the nearest 1Link Member Banks Branches)
Now Applicants can also deposit fees using Jazz Cash, Easy Paisa, U Paisa, and other available microfinance banks.
The following are not accepted: –
Fee deposited on old Challan Form (32-A) of PPSC
Bank Draft
Pay Order
Disclaimer for Banks:
Make the payment of challan using PSID, under the option of “GoPb” biller.


 Closing Date for Submission of Online Applications

22 December 2023

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Duties Duties of an Assistant Food Safety Officer

 The duties of an Assistant Food Safety Officer in the Punjab Government, Pakistan, may include:
1. Inspection and Monitoring: Conduct regular inspections of food establishments to ensure compliance with food safety standards and regulations.
2. Enforcement of Regulations: Enforcing relevant food safety laws and regulations by taking appropriate actions against violators, issuing warnings, and initiating legal actions if necessary.
3. Sampling and Testing: Collecting food samples for laboratory testing to verify compliance with quality and safety standards. This may involve coordinating with laboratories and analyzing test results.
4. Public Awareness: Educating farmers, food companies and the public about food safety practices and regulations to promote awareness and compliance.
5. Documentation and Reporting: Maintaining accurate records of inspections, violations, and enforcement actions. Preparing reports and documentation for regulatory purposes.
6. Collaboration with Other Agencies: Collaborating with other government agencies, law enforcement, and health departments to address issues related to food safety.
7. Investigations: Conduct investigations into foodborne illnesses, complaints, and other incidents related to food safety. Taking appropriate actions to prevent further occurrences.
8. Training and Capacity Building: Providing training to food handlers, vendors, and other stakeholders to enhance their understanding of food safety standards and practices.
9. Responding to Emergencies: Responding promptly to food safety emergencies, outbreaks, or incidents and taking necessary measures to contain and address the situation.
10. Policy Implementation: Implementing policies and guidelines related to food safety as directed by the government or relevant authorities.

Assistant Food Safety Officer FAQs

Q 1: What is the role of an Assistant Food Safety Officer in the Punjab Government, Pakistan?
A: An Assistant Food Safety Officer plays a crucial role in ensuring compliance with food safety standards and regulations in Punjab. This involves conducting inspections, enforcing regulations, sampling and testing food products, and raising public awareness about food safety practices.
Q 2: How does an Assistant Food Safety Officer contribute to public health and safety?
A: Assistant Food Safety Officers contribute to public health by monitoring and regulating food establishments, conducting inspections to identify potential hazards, enforcing safety standards, and responding to food safety emergencies. Their efforts help prevent foodborne illnesses and ensure the safety of the public.
3. Q: What actions can an Assistant Food Safety Officer take in the case of non-compliance with food safety regulations?
A: In cases of non-compliance, an Assistant Food Safety Officer can take various actions, including issuing warnings, initiating legal proceedings, and coordinating with relevant authorities to ensure corrective measures are taken. The goal is to enforce regulations and maintain the highest standards of food safety.

Q 4: How does an Assistant Food Safety Officer contribute to public awareness about food safety?
A: Assistant Food Safety Officers contribute to public awareness by conducting educational programs, training sessions, and outreach activities. They provide information to food handlers and the public about safe food practices, hygiene, and the importance of adhering to food safety regulations.
Q 5: Can an Assistant Food Safety Officer be involved in responding to foodborne illness outbreaks?
A: Yes, Assistant Food Safety Officers are actively involved in responding to foodborne illness outbreaks. They conduct investigations, trace the source of contamination, implement preventive measures, and collaborate with other agencies to contain and address the outbreak. Their prompt actions are essential in protecting public health during such incidents.

 The advertisement for the Job Of Assistant Food Safety Job BS-16 in newspapers dated 8-12-2023 is as under;

Assistant Food Safety Job 2023 PPSC, Punjab Food Authority
PPSC Jobs 2023 of Assistant Food Safety

Assistant Food Safety Jobs

PPSC announced 81 Assistant Food Safety BS-16 Jobs in Punjab Food Authority, Food Department on 8 December 2023. Posting will be in HQ, Lahore.

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22 December 2023


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