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Latest LESCO Duplicate Bill Of November 2023| 2023 نومبر

 If you want to check your latest Lahore Electric Supply Company i.e., LESCO (WAPDA) electricity bill online then you are at the right place. For checking your LESCO bill, you needed only “Reference No” (Fourteen ’14’ digits number) or “Customer ID” (Seven ’07’ digits number), which you may find on your old bill.

Always keep these two numbers with you to check your current electricity bill at any time anywhere in the World. 

لیسکو واپڈا ڈوپلیکیٹ بل کیلئے اس لنک کو کلک کریں

ِImportant Announcement:

The government of Pakistan has imposed a 7.5% tax on electricity non-filer customers whose bills will be more than Rs. 25000/=

LESCO duplicate bill online copy WAPDA bijli Bill 2023
LESCO Duplicate Bill

If you are a tax filer then you may get an exemption from this tax  by SMS your “CNIC” and LESCO’s “Reference Number” in the following format to “8118”;

REG <RefNo > <CNICNo>


REG <01212321100200 > <0399005640548>

Or register yourself at

 government of Pakistan imposed 7.5 per cent tax on tax non-filer electricity bills exceeding Rs.2500 September 2021

LESCO Bill Online - Check, download & print Duplicate Bill Copy

Please provide your reference number
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LESCO E Kacheri

Lahore Electric Supply Company LESCO try its best to facilitate its customers. There was a common complaint that in LESCO’s office staff do not listen to complaints properly. To address this issue, LESCO decided to conduct regular E Kacheri under the Prime Minster’s Delivery Unit (PMDU) initiative on LESCO’s Facebook Page ” “.

Facebook Live will be chaired by Chief Executive LESCO with his team of all Managers Operations to address issues of LESCO’s customers and solve them promptly.

All customers of LESCO belonging to Lahore, Kasur, Okara, Nankana, and Sheikhupura districts may attend these E Kacheri meetings.



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LESCO Stands For Lahore Electric Supply Company.

LESCO and Its Users.

For WAPDA, electricity theft and consumer over-billing are major issues. To address these two issues, LESCO will replace 1.7 million old meters with new “ advanced meter infrastructure (AMI) meters “. Asian Development Bank (ADP) will provide $300 million as financial assistance for this project.
According to a LESCO spokesman, under this plan, 14,74,532 single-phase, 2,13,120 three-phase and 28,753 commercial and industrial old meters will be replaced with modern AMI meters in the central and south circles of LESCO.
The installation of the latest AMI meters will be completed in the next four years.
With the installation of AMI devices, meter tempering will end. If any consumer tries to temper a meter, it will be immediately indicated in the Central Control Room. Then LESCO will take immediate action against him/her, therefore, power theft will end.
On the AMI meter, the consumer may monitor his/her electricity load, voltage, and bill.

Districts Under LESCO 

Lahore, Kasur, Okara, Nankana, and Sheikhupura districts come under its jurisdiction.

For smooth working, LESCO has been divided into eight (08) Operational Circles and each Operational Circle is further divided into divisions and sub-divisions. The detail of each Operational Circle is given below:

Operational Circle                   No of Divisions        No Of Sub-Divisions

    1. North Lahore Circle                       05                   28
    2. Central Lahore Circle                    05                   31
    3. Eastern Lahore Circle                    04                  23
    4. South Eastern Lahore Circle        04                  26
    5. Nankana Circle                               04                  16
    6. Okara Circle                                    04                  23
    7. Kasur Circle                                    05                   30
    8. Sheikhupura Circle                        04                   18

LESCO Call Centre:

LESCO has arranged a twenty-four 24 hours seven 07 days complaint registration service through its Helpline Call Centre. Here one can register his/her electricity complaint or get general information.   LESCO Hotline number for telephone calls is 118 and for SMS 8118.

LESCO Central Control and Monitoring Cell Nos

For registering your Power Failure complaints to LESCO Complaint Cell Call at ;



 042-99205461-2 or


LESCO Head Office Address:

22/A Queen’s Road, Mozang Chungi,

Lahore, Punjab 54000.

Google Map Address of LESCO Headquarters, Lahore.