Government Increases The Price Of Electricity

 حکومت نے بجلی کی فی یونٹ قیمت میں ہوشربااضافہ کر دیا نئے اضافے کے بعد بجلی کی قیمت فی یونٹ 15 روپے 30 پیسے ہوجائے گی

Government Has Decided To Increase Electricity Prices By Rs1.95 Per Unit ( which is 17% ) From This Month. The new price will be Rs 15.30 per unit. Prime Minister Imran Khan Approved New Prices. It will cost consumers more than Rs 200 Billion.

Government Increases The Price Of Electricity Pakistan

The power division says that the price of electricity is currently Rs 13.35 per unit, however, after the new increase, the price will be Rs 15.30 per unit. Users of electricity up to 100 units will have to pay Rs 774 instead of Rs 579.

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Energy Tabish Gohar was addressing a press conference said that energy agreements signed as per rules and regulations, new agreements with IPPs will reduce the burden by Rs 6,000 billion, demand for electricity has decreased in the last few years, talks with provinces to curb power theft. The government has taken major steps to reduce revolving loans.

He said that talks would be held with the provinces to curb power theft, arrears of Rs. 450 billion would be paid this year and old power plants of three and a half thousand megawatts would be shut down. The burden of old power plants was being borne by the people in electricity bills. The government has taken major steps to reduce revolving loans.

Traders, industrialists, and domestic consumers have called the increase excessive and demanded its immediate withdrawal.

People say that the Ministry of Power and Disco has failed to curb power theft and expensive generation.
The chamber and the federation also rejected the increase in electricity prices and central leader Manzoor Malik said that with the rise in power prices, everything would become more expensive with the increase in production cost.

The industrialists say that the increase in electricity and gas prices is in fact a failure of the FBR and the agenda of the IMF. If the increase is not withdrawn, the situation could worsen. The recent rise in electricity tariffs has provoked strong reactions from the public

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