HESCO has issued Detection Bills to hundreds of consumers of Sehwan Sharif, District Jamshoro.

Hyderabad Electric Supply Company ( HESCO ) issues detection bills in Sehwan:

SEHWAN, June 29: Detection bills had been issued to hundreds of consumers of HESCO, Sehwan Sharif District Jamshoro, it was alleged by Abdul Sattar Halepoto consumer on Monday. He said he is clearing all bills without any delay but in spite of that SDO Sehwan is charging him of detection bills.

While briefing to newsmen at the press club Sehwan Sharif, Abdul Sattar Halepoto told that despite the orders of the HESCO’s Chief that not to issue any detection bills to the consumers, detection bills had been issued by the SDO, Subdivision Sehwan. He told the press that the HESCO officials corrected detection bills of some consumers after receiving huge bribes from them. He added that despite having all previous bills clear, SDO Sehwan charged him Rs.63,000 as arrear without providing any solid proof. In the present month, 258 units were consumed but send a bill of Rs.66534, as detection bill.

He claimed that those who could not pay bribes had been compelled to pay the detection bills. Similarly, he alleged that many persons, whose supply had been disconnected several months back, were still receiving bills.

He demanded that HESCO chief order an impartial inquiry into the matter and solve this important issue of the consumers of Sehwan especially, Abdul Sattar Halepoto.

HESCO has issued detection bill to hundred of consumers in SEHWAN.
HESCO has issued detection bill to hundred of consumers in SEHWAN, June 2020.


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