Hyderabad WASA Duplicate Bill

Get Your Hyderabad WASA Duplicate Bill Copy For September 2023| 2023 ستمبر

Check online Hyderabad WASA duplicate bills for free. billinfo . pk provides the facility of viewing online WASA bill details and downloading, and printing the copy of duplicate bills of WASA, Hyderabad. 

To get a copy of your bill, you should have fifteen 15 digits of “Consumer No“.

Often WASA bills are not received in time or after the due date, which creates a problem. But here you can view and download your WASA bill online to avoid any late payment surcharge or disconnection of your WASA connection.

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Hyderabad WASA duplicate bill pani ka bill واسا حیدر آباد کا بل

Question: How one can get WASA Hyderabad connection?

Answer: If you want to get a WASA Hyderabad connection then you have to submit an application on a prescribed form available at the WASA office.  The price of the form is just Rs.100/=. You may download this form from the website of WASA  Hyderabad.

To download the WASA Hyderabad connection Form  Click It

Question: How I can deposit my WASA  Hyderabad monthly bill? 

Answer: To facilitate consumers, WASA Hyderabad provided a number of different options. You may deposit your WASA Hyderabad monthly bill as follows;

1- At the head office of WASA Hyderabad.

2- Through your Debit or Credit (VISA, Master) card.

3- At the counter of any bank i.e.;

ABL: Allied Bank Limited.
FWB: First Women Bank.
HBL: Habib Bank Limited.
MCB: Muslim Commercial Bank Limited.
NBP: National Bank Of Pakistan.
MCB: Muslim Commercial Bank Limited.
NIB: National Investment Bank.
UBL: United Bank Limited.
Askari Bank Limited.

Note: All bank branches should be located within the municipal limit of Hyderabad.

4- In TCS branches.

5- Through Mobile Banking.

6- Through Internet Banking.

WASA  Hyderabad Head Office Address: 3rd Floor, Civic Center, Thandi Sarak, Hyderabad.