Increase In LPG Price

The domestic LPG Cylinder Price has been increased by Rs 57. 70.

Lahore (Billinfo Latest. 02 May 2023): According to the notification issued by Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA), the new price of an 11.8 kg LPG cylinder has been fixed at Rs. 2759.
In a statement issued on the social networking site Twitter, Finance Minister, Ishaq Dar said that OGRA has not proposed to make petrol cheaper. Ishaq Dar said that the news about OGRA’s proposal to make petrol cheaper is baseless.

In the OGRA notification, it has been said that the cost of LPG has increased by Rs 4. 89 per Kg.
The domestic cylinder has reached Rs 3000 and the commercial cylinder has reached Rs 11350 and the LPG price is likely to increase further in the next 24 hours. Chairman LPG Association Irfan Khokhar has said that Ogra had fixed the price of LPG at 204 rupees per kg for the month of January, the price of the domestic cylinder was fixed at 2411.43 rupees and the commercial cylinder at 9278 rupees. And in the guise of cold, the LPG mafia is active.

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On the other hand, according to the weekly inflation report of the Institute of Statistics, the inflation rate increased by 1.09 per cent in one week. Due to this, the overall weekly inflation rate in the country was recorded at 30.60%, and the prices of 23 essential items increased in a week. The prices of 15 item became cheaper and the prices of 19 items remained stable. The report said that in one week the price of chicken has increased by Rs53 per K.g, the price of total rice has increased by 6 rupees, a 20 kg bag of flour has become increased by 79 rupees, the price of onion has increased by 6 rupees this week. There has been an increase, Dal Mong, Mash 3 and Dal Channa have become increased by Rs 2 per kg, similarly the prices of salt, fresh milk and curd have also increased.

According to media reports, the prices of flour from Karachi to Khyber have gone out of control, due to which bread is also out of reach of the people. In Lahore, a bag of 15 kg flour has become more expensive by Rs 150, after which the price of a bag of 15 kg flour has increased to Rs 2050. In 2 weeks, a bag of 15 kg flour has become expensive up to Rs 250. Meanwhile, in Peshawar, a bag of 20 kg fine flour is being sold at Rs 2800 to Rs 3100 and the price of a bag of 20 kg mixed flour has increased from Rs 2700 to Rs 3 thousand. In Hyderabad too, flour has become Rs 160 per kg.


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