K-Electric license should be suspended: Sindh High Court (SHC)

Karachi: Justice Khadim Hussain of Sindh High Court has said the license of K-Electric should be suspended. The residents of Karachi are in miserable conditions because of this company.    Sindh High Court SHC Karachi

The SHC became angry against K-Electric management and its lawyers during the hearing of the petition against load shedding in areas exempted from load shedding.

The Sindh High Court ordered the removal of “ Conds ” and end unannounced load shedding.

The Court asks K-Electric to submit a progress report on 25 August 2020.

K-Electric’s lawyer told the Court that “Conda” has been removed from most areas and the wire have been replaced.

Justice Khadim Hussain Sheikh said that the city is still in turmoil and load shedding is going on.

K-Electric’s lawyer told that in many areas where our teams could not go,  in some areas people reinstalled after moving the “Condas”.

Justice Khadim Hussain Sheikh said that you were just saying that the “Condas” have been removed, does it mean that K-Electric has recruited useless staff?

Justice Arshad Hussain Khan asked how a common man use a big wire?

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