Labour Jobs In Kuwait

کویت کیلئے 100 لیبر (مزدور کی) آسامیاں

Overseas Employment Corporation (OEC) Announces One Hundred (100) Labour Jobs For Kuwait.

Islamabad: Overseas Employment Corporation (OEC) working under the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development published an advertisement in the newspaper that a well-established Kuwaiti client (Ahmadiah Contracting & Trading Co. K.C.S.C) sends demands for one hundred labour Pakistani workforce.

Overseas Pakistanis are the major source of foreign currency.

OEC is a government department created to place the Pakistani workforce in foreign countries. 

Processing the case, OEC only charges an Rs.500/= fee, which is nothing compared to the market rate.

Also, OEC as a government department is the safest and cheapest source for applying for foreign jobs.

Labour jobs in Kuwait are a golden opportunity for middle pass healthy Pakistani youngsters to change their destiny.

It is advised to all candidates that there is no agent or representative of OEC. So do not pay any fee to any person or organisation other than OEC for applying for Labour Jobs In Kuwait.

Job Vacancy Title


Number Of Job Vacancies

One Hundred (100)


Middle with good physical health.


Minimum: 22 Maximum: 55


90 Kuwaiti dinars (KD) Per Month. 

 (One Kuwaiti Dinar = 650 Pakistan Rupee, Current Rate)


Both Male and Female


Rs. 500/=

The candidate will submit/attach the deposited HBL challan slip of Rs 500. The HBL challan slip may be downloaded from the following link.

Click To  Download Challan Form 

a. Option #1 Visit any HBL Branch and deposit Rs 500 in Account N0. 0112-79010447-03

b. Option #2 Pay online in HBL (Islamabad) Account N0. 0112-79010447-03

c. Option #3 Pay online From Outside Pakistan HBL IBN# PK84 HABB0001127901044703

Closing (Last) Date 

24 July 2022

Candidates Are Required To Apply ONLINE Only.

Applications Other Than ONLINE, Will Not Be Accepted 

Click To  Apply

Job Proving Company

Ahmadiah Contracting & Trading Co. K.C.S.C

Terms & Conditions

  1. Free Sharing Accommodation and Transport will be provided by the company.
  2. The company will provide Free Food or Allowance to Labour workers.
  3. The Labour Job contract will be for two (2) years which is renewable.
  4. Hundred (100) days probation period.
  5. Annually thirty (30) days leave.
  6. Eight (8) hours of duty time for six days a week. In case of more than eight (8) hours, overtime as per Kuwait Labor Laws.
  7. Duty will be inside the shade and in the territory of Kuwait, and will not be posted in Iraq.
  8. The company will provide air tickets at the time of joining from Pakistan to Kuwait and at the end of the contract from Kuwait to Pakistan.

منسٹری آف اور سیز پاکستانیز اور ہومین ریسوز ڈولپمنٹ کے تحت

کویت کیلئے 100 لیبر (مزدور کی) آسامیاں

تنخواہ 90 کویتی دینار

 تعلیم: مڈل اور اچھی جسمانی صحت

سو 100 دن کا پروبشن پیرڈ

نوکری کا کنٹریکٹ دو سال کے لئے ہے جس میں اچھی کارگردگی کی صورت میں توسیع بھی کی جا سکتی ہے

کمپنی کی طرف سے رہائش اور ٹرانسپورٹ

کمپنی کی طرف سے کھانا یا الاونس

ڈیوٹی کویت کی حدود میں سایہ کے نیچے۔ لیبر کو ڈیوٹی کیلئے عراق نہیں بھیجا جائے گا
کمپنی کی طرف سے نوکری شروع اور ختم کرنے پر آنے جانے کا ہوائی ٹکٹ

درخواست دینے کی آخری تاریخ 24 جولائی 2022

Labour Jobs In Kuwait

Overseas Employment Corporation (OEC) Announces One Hundred (100) Labour Jobs For Kuwait.

Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development
Same as (Website / Social Media)
Job Location
Kuwait City
Postal Code
Any Where in Kuwait
Country ISO Code
Region ISO Code
Currency ISO Code
Job Meta
Employment Type
Full Time
Valid Through
24 July 2022


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