LESCO decided to hand over the distribution of electricity bills to the private sector

Applications are invited from interested companies on the basis of a tender, and it is decided to deliver the bills to the customers on time; LESCO Sources.

Lahore: Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) decided to hand over the distribution of electricity bills to the private sector. According to details, a final decision has been taken by LESCO to hand over the distribution of bills of lakhs of consumers to the private sector in Lahore, the capital of Punjab province.
In this regard, tenders have also been invited from interested companies.
It was informed that the privatization of the bill distribution process would be contracted out to the successful companies from the private sector, followed by the private sector in the areas of Defense, Cantt, Gulberg, Kot Lakhpat, Kahna, Nishtar Colony, Cavalry, and Burki in Lahore.

LESCO WAPDA decided to hand over distribution of electricity bills to private sector
Bills will be distributed from the sector and LESCO will pay per bill for the distribution of bills.

On the other hand, additional holding tax has been imposed on the bills of non-tax filer
electricity consumers. LESCO has informed its customers that additional holding tax has been imposed on certain customers from July 1, LESCO said. According to a message on its LESCO announced that from July 1,2021 all consumers who are not tax filers, if their electricity bill exceeds Rs 25,000, will be subject to additional holding tax.

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All the non-tax filer consumers with a bill of more than Rs 25,000 will have to pay an additional 7.5% holding tax. However, if the consumer is a tax filer, no additional holding tax will be levied. However, no statement has been issued by the Ministry of Energy regarding the imposition of additional holding tax on non-tax filer power consumers. While during the presentation of the budget last month , Federal Minister Shaukat Tareen also did not make an announcement in this regard. In this situation, the power consumers have demanded that the officials of the concerned ministry issue an explanation regarding the LESCO declaration.

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