NEPRA Declared K-Electric Responsible For Electricity Shortage In Karachi.

National Electric Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has held K-Electric responsible for power shortage in Karachi.

A high power team of NEPRA recently visited K-Electric Headquarter, after unrests in Karachi due to long un-schedule electricity load shedding. The team spends four days in conducting a detailed inquiry about this burning issue.  After the visit, a meeting held under the Chairmanship of NEPRA Chairman Tuseef H. Farooqi.  In the meeting, all members unanimously concluded that K-Electric has not handled the situation properly.

NEPRA declared K-Electric responsible for electricity shortage in Karachi
NEPRA Held K-electric Responsible for power Shortage in Karachi

Under the License Rules, K-Electric is bound to provide continuous electricity supply to its consumers. Oil shortage is no excuse for power electricity load shedding in the city.

Here, it is interesting that K-Electric has signed all agreements with the Federal Government and not with Sindh Government. The Federal Government has almost 24.56% shares in K-Electric.

K-Electric administration is under the Abraaj Group which is headed by  Arif Masood Naqvi.



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