NEPRA reduced the price of electricity by 19 paisa per unit.

Consumers will get relief of Rs 2.60 billion in next August’s bills due to the reduction of electricity price approved by NEPRA.

Islamabad: The National Electric Power and Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has reduced the unit price of electricity by 19 paise. According to the details, NEPRA has approved a reduction of 19 paise per unit in terms of monthly fuel charges adjustment in June and a notification has also been issued by NEPRA in this regard.

NEPRA Approve to reducthe price of electricity by 19 paisa per unit for month of August, 2021

According to the notification issued by NEPRA, the CPPAG had requested an increase of 80 paisa per unit, on which the authority held a public hearing on July 28, 2021, at the Fuel Charge Adjustments (FCA) meeting.

The price reduction will only apply to August bills, according to the notification. With the reduction in electricity prices, consumers will get a relief of Rs 2 billion and Rs 60 crore in next month’s bills.
Consumers using 300 units per month will be able to benefit from this reduction. However, the reduction will not apply to Lifeline, agricultural consumers, and K-Electric consumers. While industrial consumers who are taking advantage of the industrial support package will not get the benefit of negative FCA on the extra low-priced unit, they will definitely get the benefit of negative FCA to the extent of base tariff.

Earlier, electricity was reduced by 21 paise per unit. According to the notification issued by NEPRA on July 28, the reduction in the unit price of electricity was made in the context of June’s fuel adjustment.
Consumers will get relief in next month’s bills in this regard. The notification further said that the fuel price adjustment would not apply to Lifeline, Agricultural, and K-Electric and customers using up to 300 units.
On the other hand, an additional withholding tax was imposed on the bills of non-tax filer electricity consumers, from July 1, 2021.

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