OGRA Increases LPG prices for November 2021: Notification Issued

The price of LPG was further increased by Rs. 13.20, after which the price of LPG became Rs. 216.90 paise per kg. OGRA Notification.

ISLAMABAD: The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has increased the price of LPG for November 2021, for which a formal notification has also been issued.
According to the details, the notification issued by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) stated that the price of LPG has been increased by Rs 13.20 per kg.

The new price of one kg of LPG has been fixed at Rs 216.89. The 11.8 kg domestic cylinder of LPG has been priced at Rs 155.80 per kg, after which the new price of the domestic cylinder has been fixed at Rs 2559.35.

OGRA Notification LPG price for November 2021 increases Pakistan

While in October 2021, a domestic LPG cylinder cost Rs 2,403.55. The new LPG prices are applicable from November 1, 2021.

On the other hand, rising inflation in the country has broken the backs of the common person. Inflation rose to 1.90 per cent in October, the Bureau of Statistics said in a recent report.
Releasing the latest inflation data, the Bureau of Statistics said that the rate of inflation in October 2021 was 9.19 per cent as compared to October 2020. According to the report, inflation in July-October 2021 was 8.74 per cent as compared to July-October 2020.

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In one year, ghee became costlier by 43%, mustard oil by 41.92% and edible oil by 40%, chicken by 34.69%, pulses and meat by 17% and flour by 12.97%.
The report said, in one year, tomatoes became cheaper by 48.52 per cent, lentils by 29 per cent, onions by 28 per cent and potatoes by 19 per cent.
In one month, chicken became more expensive by 17.91 per cent, vegetables by 15.26 per cent, potatoes by 12.17 per cent, wheat by 7.25 per cent and tea by 4.95 per cent.
Similarly, in one month, onions became cheaper by 12.70 per cent and sugar by 7.72 per cent, while lentils became cheaper by 6.14 per cent, eggs by 5.94 per cent and spices by 3.85 per cent.

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