Petrol will not be available across the country from November 25, 2021. Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association Announces Strike.

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Petrol Pumps Dealers Association (PPDA) announces indefinite closure of petrol pumps across Pakistan. Petrol pumps across the country will remain closed from 6 am on November 25, 2021 | ملک بھر میں جمعرات 25 نومبر سے پیٹرول پمپ بند رہیں گے، پیٹرولیم ڈیلر ایسوسی ایشن.

Islamabad: The Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association (PPDA) has announced a nationwide strike from November 25 on a non-increase in margins and said that only ambulances will be provided petrol during the strike.

Petrol pumps across the country will remain closed from 6 am on Thursday 25 November 2021. Petrol pumps in Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Kashmir will also remain closed.

Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association has announced a strike against the government for not increasing their commission Petrol Pump will remain closed 25 November 2021 from 6 am
       A spokesman for the association said: “We have called for a strike on selling petrol at a low-profit margin because we have no choice but to go on strike. The government has failed to meet the November 17 deadline for our demands.” 

Earlier, Chairman Petroleum Dealers Association Abdul Sami Khan had announced the closure of petrol pumps in the country on November 5 in case of a non-increase in margins.
Secretary Noman Butt said that the government has not accepted our demands, there will be no talks with the government until the dealer margin will be increased to 6%.

According to Abdul Sami Khan, the government had promised to increase the commission of dealers but it was not implemented.

The strike was called off on November 17 by the Petroleum Dealers Association.

The Pakistan State Oil (PSO), on the other hand, announced that “All our Company Owned, Company Operated (COCO) stations nationwide will remain open and continue to function normally. As always, PSO stands strong with the nation in such challenging times.”

PSO, announced that All our Company Owned Company Operated (COCO) stations nationwide will remain open during this strike 25 November 2021

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On the other hand, due to the strike of petrol pump owners across the country openly have started stockpiling petrol.

While a large number of people are also seen pouring petrol at the pumps. 

The latest report is that in Rawalpindi Petrol Pumps are closed. The citizens are facing problems.

Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association announced a strike from Thursday 25 November 2021
Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association announced a strike from Thursday 25 November 2021 in a press conference.

“We are in touch with the Petroleum Dealers Association, and a summary of their margin revision has already been submitted to the ECC and it Will be decided in the next meeting,” Federal Minister Hamad Azhar said in a tweet on social networking site Twitter.

Federal Minister for Energy Hamad Azhar has stated that the strike the government will accept legitimate demands and will not accept illegitimate demands of petrol dealers.

In his statement, Hamad Azhar said that some groups want an increase of Rs. 9 under the guise of a petrol pump strike which is unfair.
The Federal Minister said that the government is aware of the difficulties of petrol pump owners but they should also realize the difficulties of the people and reconsider the decision as it is not right to disturb the people.

Shell Pakistan also announced that its dealers will not participate in “Petrol Strike”.

Petrol Pumps of Shell Pakistan will remain open on Thursday 25 November 2021.

Shell Pakistan's petrol pumps will remain open on 25 November 2021 and will not takepart in Petrol Strike

In view of the strike call of petroleum dealers, the district administration of Lahore has started taking precautionary measures.
These measures will be taken to maintain a steady supply of petroleum products to the citizens, stated DC Lahore Omar Sher Chatha.

It is informed that Oil and Gas Regularity Authority OGRA enforcement teams would monitor the situation in the field and strict action would be taken against those who disrupted the supply in any way.
OGRA  has directed all oil marketing companies to ensure an uninterrupted supply of petroleum products at all outlets.

The Ministry of Petroleum has announced that tankers have been dispatched to streamline the oil supply.

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