PTA Ban Bigo In Pakistan and Issued Final Warning Against Ticktock

On Publishing Indecent and Vulagar Content, PTA Bans Bigo In Pakistan

After blocking famous trending live video game Pubg on 01 July 2020 temporarily, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) banned live streaming application Bigo in Pakistan on Monday night    21 July 2020.

In a Press Release, PTA explains that it was receiving complaints against indecent content on Bigo and TickTock application from different segments of the society. Complainers highlighted the bad effects on the general public and in young generation particularly.

PTA told that it has a number of times warned these companies about these complaints but the not responded positively. Therefore, PTA has banned BIGO live streaming application in Pakistan and issued a final warning to, popular video-sharing Chinese app, Ticktock.

PTA Press Release stated that every company working in Pakistan bound to follow its Rule and avoid to publish and telecast vulgar and immoral content on all media platforms.

PTA Banned Live Streaming App BIGO In Pakistan and Issued Final Warning to Video Sharing application Ticktock 21 July 2020



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