Most Popular Video Sharing App “TikTok” Banned In Pakistan : PTA Press Release

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority PTA has banned the show under Section 27 of the PTA Ordinance. TikTok was banned for not resolving complaints. PTA spokesman.

The TikTok administration was given a respite and TikTok was banned for not resolving complaints. PTA spokesman.

According to a PTA spokesperson, the decision to shut down the TikTok app in Pakistan is taken due to immoral content.

According to the spokesperson, public complaints were being received regarding TikTok.  Notices were also given to the video-sharing app several times to raise the standard.

TickTok banned in Pakistan PTA Pres Release 9 October 2020

According to the spokesman, TikTok failed to stop the immoral content, which led to the decision to close it nationwide. The PTA statement further said that spreading immoral content through mobile and social media apps are having a negative impact on society and the youth.

It should be noted that PTA had taken action after complaints of spreading immoral content on several mobiles and social media apps.

The PTA had banned the popular mobile app Bego, while TikTok had issued a final warning.  After reviewing these complaints, the BEGO APP was banned in the country under Pakistani law. The last warning was issued to the mobile app TikTok.

In response, the TikTok administration claimed that it had removed a large number of controversial videos from Pakistan, and agreed to work with the government.

The video-sharing app TikTok is a product of a Chinese company that is available in 40 languages ​​all over the world.  TikTok is most popular among youth all over the world including Pakistan.

TickTok banned in Pakistan PTA Release 9 October 2020

Amnesty International has said that Pakistanis have been deprived of their right to freedom of expression in the name of campaigning against pornography. According to media reports, a statement issued by Amnesty International said that the decision of the Pakistani government to close the social media application TikTok is a violation of freedom of expression.

A message shared by Amnesty International on Twitter states that Pakistan has deprived Pakistanis of freedom of expression by banning social media apps. Amnesty International says Pakistan is expected to lift the ban.

There was a mixed reaction on Twitter, some happy and some angry. Expressing happiness over the ban on TikTok, one user said, “I am very happy today. The government has finally taken a good step.”

One user described TikTok as a virus, saying, “Thank God the country is free of this virus.”

The biggest loss of the ban on the video-sharing app has come to ‘Janat Mirza‘. She has reached the heights of fame through social media. She has more than 10 million  TikTok followers.

In a statement, Janat Mirza opposed the ban on TikTok and suggested that it adhere to strict rules and regulations.

Janat Mirza further said that many people expressed their talent through this app, TikTok is also a source of employment for many people.

She acknowledged that the video had been used for “sharing” as well as for spreading hate speech.

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