PTA Issue Warning Against Ticktok and Bigo Content Creators

At Last, PTA Wake Up Against Indecent Content Creators on Ticktock and Bigo Apps.

The general public has long been concerned about the immoral and vulgar content of Ticktock and Bigo.

Due to the recent Corona Virus pandemic, internet usage in Pakistan has increased significantly.

The majority of Internet users in Pakistan are young people, including a large number of teenagers.

Ticktock and Bigo are two popular apps in the young generation. These apps also become a source of income generation. Due to the Corona Virus pandemic, show business industry badly affected.  All show business activities almost ended. A large number of stage actors and actresses joined Ticktock and Bigo to earn money.

Earning from Ticktock and Bigo depends upon fellowships i.e. how a large number of people watch your content. So to attract viewers, people are uploading sub-standard content on these apps.

Parents were very concern about this because internet becomes common in every house. It is very difficult for parents to monitor their children consistently.   Different people raised this issue at different forums.

Therefore, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) take the notice and issued a warning against the creators of immoral and vulgar content on Ticktock and Bigo apps.


PTA Warning Against Tictok and Bigo Immporal and Vulgar content 20 july 2020.

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