Sever shortfall of Electricity in Pakistan, consume Electricity wisely, appeals Ministry of Energy.

The power crisis in Pakistan has intensified, the total shortfall of electricity has reached 5000 MW, power generation will increase in the coming days. We apologize for the temporary load management. Ministry of Energy spokesman.

ISLAMABAD: The power crisis in the country has intensified. The total shortfall has reached 5000 MW. Unannounced load shedding is being carried out in several areas. The people are protesting against the load shedding. The shortfall is 1500 MW and load shedding is also decreasing. The system of power distribution companies is overloaded, 80% of transformers are overloaded and feeders are tripping due to the increasing demand for electricity.

Pakistan The power crisis in the country has intensified, the total shortfall of Electricity has reached 5000 MW WAPDA Spokesman

On the other hand, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Energy said that due to low water emissions, Tarbela and Mangla are currently generating 3300 MW less electricity. The total electricity demand of the country is 24,100 MW while the production in the system is 22,600 MW.

Distribution companies have been directed to improve the system. Power generation will increase in the coming days.

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On the other hand, government member Noor Alam Khan lashed out at his own Federal Minister for Energy Hamad Azhar over the issue of load shedding in the National Assembly session. Speaking in the National Assembly, Noor Alam Khan said that Hamad Azhar did not know how much load shedding was taking place in the country, not eight but 22 hours of load shedding. So people are abusing us, make flour cheaper, make electricity cheaper, such things will not work.

He said that the power utility is so indebted that why the employees are being provided free electricity. There was no electricity in the city but when Axin went to the office, there were three ACs running. He said that if the situation was not brought under control, they would protest together.

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