Supply of Natural Gas ( Suigas) Through Pipeline Will be Abandoned In Future

The concept of gas supply through the pipeline is disappearing in the world, we have to go for cylinder gas for domestic use: Secretary Petroleum.

Islamabad: Indications of termination of pipeline gas supply to domestic consumers. According to details, a statement issued by Secretary Petroleum during the meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Petroleum has raised concerns among domestic gas consumers. Petroleum said that the idea of ​​supplying gas through the pipeline is disappearing in the world and pipeline gas is also being discouraged in India.


Secretary Petroleum said that we have to go for cylinder gas for domestic use. He added that 28% of the population in Pakistan gets piped gas, while 72% of the population uses alternative sources of fuel including cylinders.

On the other hand, regarding the gas crisis, an important statement of Federal Minister Hamad Azhar has also come to light. He said in a program on private TV channel SAMAA News that no minister is involved in buying gas cargo but the decision is taken by an independent and impartial board by consensus or voting.

He said that the issue of the gas crisis has not been properly covered in the media to date, which is why it is creating misunderstandings.

He said that only 28% of the people in the country have access to gas connections while the remaining 70% are deprived of this facility.

Talking about the shortage of gas, Federal Minister for Energy Hamad Azhar said that we do not have a law to provide LNG to domestic consumers because it is very expensive.

If we give LNG to local gas consumers, we will lose Rs7.4 billion on one cargo. We cannot charge LNG tariffs from the industry. The law does not allow us to do that.

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Talking about the previous government, Hamad Azhar said that the N-League’s formula of using LNG as an alternative to local gas has failed and by putting it in only three or four cargo systems we have to bear Rs 100 billion as a loss.

Only 12 cargoes of MLNG can be imported. We had ordered 13 cargoes only once in history and we have no capacity for more than that.

Responding to the critics, he said that it was easy to say that the government should have bought LNG when it was cheaper. Because we don’t have that much storage.

Gas supply to private power plants of Sindh and Balochistan industries has been cut off. Sui Southern (SSGC) said that under the agreement, the gas supply could be cut off.
Gas supply to households will be restored. Gas supply to the fertilizer sector will also continue.

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