The Prime Minister Imran Khan Announced To Reduce The Price of Petrol, Diesel by Rs 10.00 and Electricity by Rs 5.00.

Prices of Petroleum Products and Electricity will not increase till next budget. Under Ehsass Programme Rs 14,000 will now be available: Prime Minister Imran Khan Addresses Nation.

Islamabad: This will reduce electricity bills by 20 to 50 per cent.

The Prime Minister, Imran Khan, said that Foreign Policy should be for the benefit of his country, foreign policy should not be for the benefit of a particular person.

We fought in the war against the Soviet Union. I was against this policy. It was not for the benefit of Pakistan. This war resulted in the martyrdom of 80,000 Pakistanis, displacement of 3.5 million people, loss of 150 billion Dollars.
The most embarrassing thing is that a country that fought but the same country has been bombed.

He visited Russia because we have to buy 2 million tons of wheat from Russia. Russia has 30% of the world’s gas reserves. In the future, if our reserves are low, we will need Russia’s gas.
The Prime Minister further said that my parents were born slaves in India, I was born in a free country, I always wanted the foreign policy of the country to be free.

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Ehsass Programme

The Prime Minister said that the Rs 12,000 received for the sensitive program has been increased to Rs 14,000.

He added that the World Bank has declared the Ehsass programme as one of the 4 best programs in the world.

Scholarships Programme

The government will give 2.6 million scholarships on which Rs 38 billion would be spent. Scholarships will be awarded on merit. If there is any problem, then the applicant will register complaints on the portal.

The Prime Minister said that I will announce the industrial package in Lahore. Whoever invests in the industry will not be asked about the income. He said that cheap loans would be provided for building houses. Earlier banks did not give loans to a low-income, it has made it easier for banks to take loans.
Banks have given loans of Rs 50 billion for houses. The low-income class will get loans of Rs 407 billion in 2 years to build houses.

The PM Imran Khan said on the IT sector, 100% tax was waived on Foreign Exchange. The Prime Minister announced that Youth and Farmers would get interest free loans.

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