"Itna jhooth teleprompter bhi nahin jhel paya (not even the teleprompter could handle such lies)," Rahul Gandhi tweeted.

PM Staff version, If you look at the WEF version of the recording of his speech, someone in the background says, "Sir aap unse ek baar pooche ki sab jud gaye kya". This portion is not clear in the video live-streamed on PM's YouTube channel".

On Tuesday #TeleprompterPM was trending on Twitter. Majority have view that Prime minister of India can't speak a single line without Teleprompter.

The WEF’s annual meeting, which has been taking place in Davos for the past 50 years, is being held virtually this year 2022 due to the Covid-19 pandemic and several waves of the Omicron variant across the world.